Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP)
Canada Region

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The CWP Canada Region has focused on outreach activities such as publications to set out the aims of CWP, such as encouraging more women to become part of the political process. It has also concentrated on engaging other women’s groups in their work.

The CWP Canada Region has undertaken a project to promote the work of the CWP through a short bilingual video produced during an outreach session which can be found below.

Recent CWP Canada activities include: 

Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Canada Region launch new website ahead of Steering Committee meetings highlighting forthcoming priorities in 2018           
The CWP Canada Region held its Steering Committee meeting and launched a new website ahead of the 56th CPA Canada Regional Conference in Ottawa, Canada. The CWP Canada Region held a regional meeting and workshop sessions introduced by the CWP Canada Regional Chair, Hon. Laura Ross, MLA (Saskatchewan)

Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Outreach Programme takes place in Ontario, Canada
The Vice-Chairperson of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Canadian Region, Ms. Laura Ross, MLA (Saskatchewan), led a delegation of CWP Members from Ontario, Alberta, Ottawa, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in attending the CWP Outreach Programme in Toronto and Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. The purpose of the CWP Outreach Programme is to increase women’s representation in all levels of government. The principal theme of the programme ‘Women engaging to make a difference’ was clearly demonstrated in the following areas; politics, the agri-food industry, social service, the nuclear industry, as well as community engagement and participation.

CWP Canada Regional Conference held at the 54th CPA Canada Regional Conference, St. John`s, Newfoundland
The CWP Canada Regional Conference took place in July 2016 hosted by the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly in St. John's, Canada attended by women Parliamentarians from across the CWP Canada Region. The conference was held immediately prior to the CPA Canada Regional Conference which also took place in St. John's, Newfoundland.

As per past practice, the CWP Canada Region invited guest speakers and women Parliamentarians to address participants on topics relevant to women’s issues and the CWP organization. Discussion topics included ‘Making Legislatures more welcoming to Female Parliamentarians’ and ‘Gender Budgeting’. This year’s objectives were to promote programmes for young women while outlining the vision, mission and values encouraging women’s participation in the political process. The CWP Canada Regional Conference was attended by women Parliamentarians from all regions of Canada.

The CWP Canada Regional Conference also saw the participation and attendance of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians from three CPA Caribbean, Americas and the Atlantic (CAA) Branches of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association funded through CWP Canada’s 2016 regional strengthening funding from the CPA Headquarters Secretariat. The conference also saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the legislatures of Prince Edward Island, Canada and the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean Region and a number of twinning arrangements and partnerships are being considered between the CPA Canada Region and the CPA Caribbean, Americas and the Atlantic (CAA) Region through the Caribbean Twinning Initiative, including British Columbia and Guyana. This activity at the CWP regional conference was an extension of these initiatives.

The participants from the CAA Region who attended the CWP Canada Regional Conference were: Hon. Nicolette Henry MP, Minister within the Ministry of Education and Sheila Bhagmattie Veerasammy MP from Guyana; Hon. Lillian Misick OBE, MP and Hon. Josephine Connolly, Deputy Speaker and Ms Tracey Parker, Clerk of the House of Assembly, Turks and Caicos; and Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley MP, Jamaica. The CWP Canada Region was of the view that such an initiative, in keeping with the larger Caribbean Twinning Project of the CPA Canada Region, was an excellent means of strengthening the relationship between women Parliamentarians in this hemisphere, leading to a better understanding and appreciation of the challenges facing women in political life regardless of their representational jurisdictions. 

To follow the activities of the CWP Canada Region please follow @CWPCanada on Twitter.

You can also visit the CWP Canada Region website at - this website was partly funded through the CWP Regional Strengthening funds from the CPA Headquarters Secretariat.

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