Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Branches and Regions

The Association is composed of over 180 Branches formed in Legislatures in Commonwealth countries which subscribe to parliamentary democracy. The Members of the Legislature in which a Branch is formed are entitled to become Members of that Branch. For a Branch to qualify it must be a legislative body, thus both national and state or provincial Parliaments as well as the Legislatures of dependent territories may be members.
The Presiding Officers of Legislative Chambers are normally the Branch Presidents, while the Leaders of the Parliamentary parties are Vice-Presidents. The Clerk or Secretary-General of the Legislature usually acts as the Secretary of the Branch.
Every Branch is autonomous and the affairs of most Branches are managed by an Executive Committee, elected annually by Members and usually representative of all main parties or groups. Many Branches require their Members to pay an annual subscription and many permit Members to apply for associate status on ceasing to belong to the Legislature.
CPA Branches are currently grouped geographically into nine Commonwealth Regions for representation on the CPA Executive Committee and for the organization of regional conferences and seminars on parliamentary practice and procedure.  The nine Regions of the CPA are: Africa; Asia; Australia; British Islands and Mediterranean (BIM); Canada; Caribbean, Americas and the Atlantic (CAA); India; Pacific; and South-East Asia. 

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