The General Assembly

The General Assembly, the Association’s supreme authority, is constituted by delegates to the Annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference.

The General Assembly has the ultimate authority to determine the policy and management of the Association including the annual membership fee and other financial obligations of the members of the Association; the Regions of the Association and the allocation of each Branch to a Region; the number of Regional Representatives; the venue within the Commonwealth of each plenary conference, and the number of delegates and officials which each Branch shall be entitled to send to a plenary conference.

Attendees at the General Assembly usually include the Officers of the Association; the Chairperson of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians; Regional Representatives and Branch delegates to the plenary conference at which the meeting of the General Assembly is held. Other persons may be invited by the Association to attend the General Assembly as observers.

Full details of the General Assembly can be found in the CPA Constitution. Please contact the CPA Secretariat if you wish to receive a copy.