The CPA Secretariat 

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s Secretariat is located in London, United Kingdom.

A staff of 13 is headed by the Secretary-General, the Association’s chief executive officer, who is responsible for interpreting and implementing its policies and enhancing its activities and international relations, and is Secretary to the annual plenary conference.

The CPA Secretariat maintains close relations with all Branches and promotes liaison and co-operation among them. Reporting and responsible to the Secretary-General are two Directorates responsible for Programmes and for Finance, with the organisation of conferences, programmes, seminars and other events shared between them. The CPA Secretariat also undertakes Communications for the CPA including The Parliamentarian, other publications and online communications.

Photograph: Members of the CPA Secretariat with the CPA Chairperson, the Hon. Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Speaker of Bangladesh, at the CPA Secretariat's Headquarters in London.

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