63rd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

1-8 November 2017

Data Papers

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Small Branches Plenaries

Plenary 1: Critical Mass: Small Jurisdictions and big problems – Logistics and Infrastructure challenges to meet small jurisdiction expectations to achieve the same service levels as larger ones

- Climate Change in Small Island States
- Building a stronger tourism industry in weak economic times
- Overcoming the big challenges for a small Parliament: The Cook Islands
- Co-operation between Small Jurisdictions: The Experience of the Isle of Man
- Logistics in Small Islands- Challenges in Supply Chains
- The Separation of Powers in Small Jurisdictions 
- Small Island Developing States: Challenges in Transport and Trade
- Small States, Smart Solutions
- Big Challenges in Small States 

Plenary 2: Parliamentary innovations in small jurisdictions in the face of financial and human resource challenges

- Small Parliaments

- Meeting the challenges in a global economy

 Plenary 3: The role of Parliament in Combating Corruption

- Indian Government passes Anti-Corruption Bill
- The Fight against Corruption
- Establishing Anti-Corruption Practices in the Pacific
- Elections and Corruption in India
- Elections and Voting Reform in Alderney
- UN Pacific Regional Anti‐Corruption (UN‐PRAC) Project
- Parliament's role in the fight against corruption
- GOPAC: Parliamentarians Fighting Corruption. A Conceptual Overview
-Parliamentary Oversight and Corruption in the Caribbean: Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada compared

Plenary 4: 
The role of Parliament in meeting the challenges of protecting territorial waters

- The Blue Economy and Small States
- The European Union: Water Protection and Management
- Un Convention of the Law of the Sea
- UKNDA DISCUSSION PAPER Protection of the UK’s EEZ and Territorial Seas: Does the Government care?

Conference Workshops

Workshop A: 
Democracy must Deliver: Role of Parliament in addressing the Challenges

No data papers available.

Workshop B: 
The role of Parliamentarians in building stronger ties within the Commonwealth: including new trade issues, visa issues, travel restrictions, non-tariff restrictions etc.

Library Note - CPA and Role of the Commonwealth.pdf

Workshop C: The Climate Change Debate: A challenge for the Commonwealth?

- Climate Change SIDS.pdf

- The Role of Legislators in Climate Change
- Climate Change: How can Parliamentarians effect change in their jurisdictions?
- Langkawi declaration 1989
- IPU Parliamentary action plan on climate change


Workshop D: 
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s): How can CPA Members work with their own governments in ensuring that the SDG goals have a proper gender lens to ensure success in the areas of alleviating poverty and women’s empowerment? 

- Parliamentary Handbook (e-version) on the SDGs
- Report on the Sustainable Development Goals July 2016
- UN Women Analysis on Women and SDGs
- UN SDGs - Ministerial Declaration to Uphold
- UN General Assembly Resolution - 26 September 2016 - Follow up and review of SDGs
- Agenda for Sustainable Development
- UN General Assembly Resolution - 25 September 2015 - SDGs
- Womens Leadership
- Womens Transformational Leadership
- Women in the Post Millennium Development Era

Workshop E: 
Critical Mass: Small jurisdictions and big problems -Logistics and infrastructure challenges (Small Branches Topic)

- Building Resilience in Small Island Economies
- Big Challenges for a Small Parliament
- Cooperation between Small Jurisdictions
- Separation of Powers in Small Jurisdictions
- Big challenges, Small States
- Small States, Smart Solutions
- Logistics in small islands challenges for sustainable supply chain
- Small Island Developing States: Challenges in transport and trade

Workshop F: 
CPA Benchmarks for Democratic Legislatures: Progress in the past 10 years

- UNDP Benchmark and Self-Assessment Frameworks for Democratic Legislatures
- CPA Benchmarks for Democratic Legislatures - Self-Assessment Guidance Note
- Recommended Benchmarks for Democratic Legislatures updated 2016

Workshop G: Giving voice to the youth: Mechanisms for ensuring effective participation of youth in the governance process

- Youth Inclusivity
- Democracy for Millennials
- Engaging our Youth
- Youth for Political Leadership
- Chairperson's Africa Speech
- Youth Elections Scotland
- IPU Youth participation in national parliaments
- UN paper: Youth Participation
- Engaging Young People

Workshop H: 
What factors fuel the rise of different kinds of nationalism?

No data papers available.