Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)


The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) organises its annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) each year. Global political issues and developments in the parliamentary system are analyzed in conference debates among leading Parliamentarians representing Parliaments and Legislatures throughout the Commonwealth. These plenary conferences were biennial from 1948 to 1959 and annual since 1961. A summary of the main views expressed in conference debates is sent to Members, Commonwealth governments and international agencies.

The conference period also encompasses meetings of the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, Small Branches Members, the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) and meetings for Parliamentary Clerks and Secretaries (SOCATT).

Future Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences:

2019 - the CPA Uganda Branch and Parliament of Uganda is due to host the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) in September 2019 (dates to be confirmed). Please click here for further information.

The following CPA Branches have hosted Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences in recent years (list currently not exhaustive):

2018 No Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) held.

2017 Bangladesh - 63rd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2016 Hosted by CPA Headquarters Secretariat - 62nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2015 Executive Committee hosted by CPA Headquarters Secretariat in United Kingdom* - 61st General Assembly** 

2014 Cameroon - 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2013 South Africa - 59th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2012 Sri Lanka - 58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2011 United Kingdom - 57th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2010 Kenya - 56th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2009 Tanzania - 55th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC)

2008 Malaysia
Video Part 1Video Part 2)

2007 India

1986 United Kingdom

1985 Saskatchewan

1984 Isle of Man

1983 Kenya

1982 The Bahamas

1981 Fiji

1980 Zambia

1979 New Zealand

1978 Jamaica

1977 Canada

1976 Mauritius

1975 India

1974 Sri Lanka

1973 United Kingdom

1972 Malawi

1971 Malaysia

1970 Australia

1969 Trinidad and Tobago

1968 The Bahamas

1967 Uganda

1966 Canada 

1965 New Zealand

1964 Jamaica

1963 Malaysia

1962 Nigeria

1961 United Kingdom

1959 Australia

1957 India

1954 Kenya

1952 Canada

1950 New Zealand

1948 United Kingdom

*In 2015, the annual conference was due to be held in Pakistan but this was later moved to London, United Kingdom.
**The CPA Executive Committee was reconstituted as the 61st General Assembly in October 2015 to conduct essential business for the Association.