59th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC), Johannesburg, South Africa

Data Papers

CWP Session 1 - Increasing women's Political Participation Leadership, Electoral Systems and Campaign Funding
CWP Session 2 - Women Parliamentarians and Social Media
CWP Session 3- Informal  Economy and Entrepreneurship CWP Session 4 - Women, Poverty and Homelessness
Small Branches 1st Plenary - Separation of Powers and Good Governance in Small States

Small Branches 2nd Plenary - Is Education Meeting Local Employment needs in Small States

Small Branches 3rd Plenary - Self Determination, Self Sufficiency and Self-Governance
Small Branches 4th Plenary - Ensuring Technical and Legislative Capacity for Ethical Tax-Raising in Small States
Workshop A Land Access and Ownership Progress and Challenges Experienced by Rural Communities in Accessing Land
Workshop B Should there be Parliamentary Intervention in the Informal Economy and Entrpreneurship Sectors  Workshop C The Challenges of Attaining the Millenium Development Goals Workshop D Inequitable Resource-Sharing A threat to Democratic Governance
Workshop E Role of Parliamentarians in Transfer of Technology and Research to Boost Agricultural Productivity
Workshop F Governing Democratically in a Tech-Empowered World Deepening Partnerships between Parliaments and PMO
Workshop G Separation of Powers and Good Governance (Small Branch Topic)

Workshop H Policy Solutions for Caring for an Ageing Population