Official Opening of the 32 Small Branches Conference

Vote of Thanks, The Hon. Dr Patrick Herminie, Speaker, Seychelles

32nd Small Branches Conference, Plenary 1
Ensuring Adequate Scrutinity of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Sen. the Hon. Velma Newton, MP, Barbados
Hon. David Agius, MP, Malta

Senator Ian Gorst, Jersey

32nd Small Branches Conference, Plenary 2
The Impact of the Informal Economy on Economic Diversification in Small States

Hon. Marlon Penn, MLC, British Virgin Islands

32 Small Branches Conference, Plenary 3
Strategies to Increase Women's Participation in Parliaments in Small States

Ms Kemi Ogunsaya, Commonwealth Secretariat
Hon. Anthony Arthur Green, MBE, St Helena
Hon. Maria Payet-Marie, Seychelles
Hon. Lovitta Foggo, MP, Bermuda

32 Small Branches Conference, Plenary 4
Measuring Progress and Well-being beyond GDP in Small States

Hon. Claudius James Francis, President of the Senate, St Lucia
Hon. Barbara Webster-Bourne, Speaker, Anguilla

Official Opening of the 58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference

Address by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Vice Patron, CPA
Address by the Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa, CPA President and Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka
Address by the Hon. Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu, MP, CPA Vice President of the Association
Address by the Rt Hon. Sir Alan Haselhurst, MP, Chairperson of the CPA Executive Committee

58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, Opening Plenary

Address by the Secretary-General of the CPA, Dr William F. Shija
Address by the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, HE Kamalesh Sharma

Workshop B: Should the Commonwealth establish a Commissioner for Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights?

Hon. John Amaratunga, MP, Sri Lanka

Workshop C: The Politics of Constitution-Making, the Role of Parliaments in Relation to the People

Senator Ike Ekweremadu, CFR
Hon. Request Mutanga, MP, Zambia

Workshop E: The Role of Parliamentarians in Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building

Hon. Anna Lo, MLA, Northern Irleand
Hon. Devinder Shory, MP, Canada
Prof. P. J. Kurien, Hon. Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha, India
Hon. Datuk Ronald Kiandee, MP, Malaysia
Mr Mitch O'Brien, World Bank Institute

Workshop F: Engaging Political Parties to improve Gender-responsive Governance

Senator Helen Polley, Australia

Workshop G: Terrorism- The threat to Democracy, Peace and Security

Discussion Leaders:
Ms Irene Ng, MP, Singapore
Hon. Maj. Gen. Jim K. Muhwezi, MP, Uganda
Additional Contributors:
Mr George Tasou, MP, Cyprus
Shri. G. Karthikeyan, Speaker, Kerala, India

58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, Final Plenary

Social Media and Democracy

Professor Tim Unwin, Commonwealth Communications Organisation
Mr Russ Hiebert, MP

Workshop H: Tackling Youth Unemployment

The Hon. Mark Wade, MP, Speaker of the House, Trinidad and Tobago- long version
The Hon. Mark Wade, Speaker of the House, Trinidad and Tobago- short version