The following information and toolkit is provided for CPA Branches and Regions as well as partner organisations for the CPA Roadshows.

For further information or assistance in the planning and delivery of a CPA Roadshow please contact the CPA Secretariat via
 CPA Roadshows Partners Information (8/16/2018) 
   CPA Roadshows - How to organise information for International and Partner Organisations. Updated March 2016
 CPA Roadshows Branches Information (8/16/2018) 
   CPA Roadshows - How to organise information for CPA Branches and Regions. Updated March 2016
 CPA Commonwealth Factsheet (1/27/2017) 
   The CPA Commonwealth Factsheet is designed to give students and teachers key facts about The Commonwealth and the CPA - Updated January 2017
 CPA Roadshows Quiz (1/27/2017) 
   Download a copy of the CPA Roadshows Quiz for all participants. To request an answer sheet, organisers can email Updated January 2017.
 CPA Roadshows Evaluation Form (11/7/2016) 
   Download a CPA Roadshows Evaluation Form for all participants to complete at the event. Forms can be returned to the CPA Secretariat via Updated November 2016.
 CPA Roadshows Speaking Notes (11/7/2016) 
   Download a copy of the CPA Roadshows Speaking Notes for your lead person to use alongside the CPA Roadshows Presentation. Updated Novermber 2016.
 CPA General Information Leaflet (4/5/2016) 
   The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) General Information Leaflet provides an overview of the activities and organisation of the CPA. Updated April 2016.
 CPA Roadshows - Press Release Template (4/5/2016) 
   Example CPA Roadshows press release template for use by CPA Branches before or after the CPA Roadshow event. For word document versions please email Updated March 2016.