CPA President (2018-2019)

Rt Hon. Rebecca A. Kadaga, MP
CPA President 2018-2019
Speaker of Parliament, Uganda

A lawyer by profession, Rt Hon. Rebecca A. Kadaga, MP holds a Master's Degree and is currently the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, the third highest position in the national leadership of Uganda. She was the Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda from 2001 to 2011.

From 1986-1999, she won accolades of distinguished service in many portfolios when she served as a Cabinet/State Minister. She has held a number of high profile positions and played a leading role in women empowerment activities at national and international levels.

Rt Hon. Rebecca Kadaga MP held the CPA Officer position of Chairperson of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) from 2013-2016. She had previously been the Vice-Chairperson of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (International) as well as an Executive Committee Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly representing Africa. She has been the Chairperson of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarian Africa Region where she spearheaded a campaign of engaging leaders of political parties to appreciate the value of increasing the number of women in high positions of leadership.


The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is one of the oldest established organisations in the Commonwealth. The CPA, founded in 1911, is a membership association which brings together Members, irrespective of gender, race, religion or culture, who are united by community of interest, respect for the rule of law and individual rights and freedoms, and by the pursuit of the positive ideals of parliamentary democracy. The Association is made up of over 180 Branches across the nine regions of the Commonwealth. It offers a vast opportunity for Parliamentarians and parliamentary staff to collaborate on issues of mutual interest and to share good practice. 

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