Budget Matters
 Constituency_Development_Funds_Report_Tanzania 2012 (5/10/2013) 
   A CPA Workshop Report, Tanzania, 2012. The purpose of the workshop was to build on the CPA Principles and Guidelines for CDF by developing a tool for CDF participatory mechanisms and designing a framework for a comprehensive CDF tool box.
 Budgetary Oversight (9/23/2014) 
   Stapenhurst, Rick (2014). Budgetary Oversight in Westminster and Francophone Parliaments compared- what can they learn from each other? Paper for the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Annual Conference.
 Rebuilding Fiscal Buffers (9/22/2014) 
   English, Bill (2013). NEW ZEALAND: REBUILDING FISCAL BUFFERS AFTER the Global Financial Crisis. The Parliamentarian Issue 2, 2013.
 CDFs Handbook for Parliamentarians Updated 2016 (5/24/2016) 
   The CPA Handbook on Constituency Development Funds: Principles and Tools for Parliamentarians published with Centre for International Development at State University of New York (SUNY/CID). Updated February 2016.
 Constituency Development Funds Report 2011 (5/10/2013) 
   Principles and Guidelines for Constituency Development Funds. A CPA Workshop Report, Jamaica, 2011.
 The Budget Process in Africa (9/22/2014) 
   The Parliamentary Centre. The Budget Process in Africa. A comparative study of seven countries. The Parliamentary Centre, Africa Program, 2010.
 Financial Scrutinity of the Executive (5/10/2013) 
   "The Commonwealth and the Role of the CPA". Session 8, 22 Commonwealth Parliamentary Seminar, 26 November 2011, New Delhi, India.