Population, housing and transport indicators for NSW (5/10/2013) 
   Population, Housing and Transport Indicatiors for NSW. By Talina Drabsch, June 2011.
 Social Housing in NSW (5/10/2013) 
   Social Housing in New South Wales. By Louse O'Flynn, July 2011.
 Unity and Diversity (9/22/2014) 
   Olsen, Johan P. (2013). Unity, Diversity and Democratic Institutions. ARENA – Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, Working Papers WP 04/13.
 Better policies for better lives (9/22/2014) 
   Durand, Martine (2012). Going beyond GDP to foster "Better Policies for Better Lives". An OECD Perspective. The Parliamentarian Issue 2, 2012.
 UNRIS Social Development in Small States (9/22/2014) 
   Prasad, Naren. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD). Social Development in Small States. PowerPoint Presentation. Geneva, 15 May 2008.
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