Documents on Oversight
Budgetary Oversight (9/23/2014 )
Stapenhurst, Rick (2014). Budgetary Oversight in Westminster and Francophone Parliaments compared- what can they learn from each other? Paper for the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Annual Conference.
PACs and Accountability for WAAPAC (9/22/2014 )
Draman, Rasheed (2014). Following the Money: PACs and Accountability. African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs, GHANA. PowerPoint Presentation at the 5th Accountability Conference for West African Public Accounts Committees.
Executive Accountability in a Coalition Era (9/22/2014 )
Sahu, Satya Narayana (2014). Executive Accountability in a Coalition Era. The Parliamentarian Issue 2, 2014.
Role of Legislature and the Budget Process (9/22/2014 )
Lienert, Ian (2010). Role of the Legislature in Budget Processes. Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund.
Parliamentary Oversight of Finance and the Budgetary Process (5/10/2013 )
Report of a CPA workshop of a Commonwealth Parliamentary Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya on December 10-14, 2001.
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