Commonwealth Parliamentarians contribute to CHOGM 2018 London, UK 

Commonwealth Parliamentarians are participating in four associated Commonwealth Forums taking place this week at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM) in London and Windsor, United Kingdom from 16 to 20 April 2018. Heads of Government of all 53 Commonwealth nations and approximately 5,000 people from parliament, government, business and civil society will participate in the week-long CHOGM and the Forums under the theme of ‘Towards a Common Future’, which was also the theme for Commonwealth Day on 12 March 2018. CHOGM is also addressing the four sub-themes of: a more sustainable future; a fairer future; a more secure future; and a more prosperous future.

Members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) including the CPA Chairperson, Hon. Emilia Lifaka, MP (Cameroon) and CPA Officers are participating in the Summit and the Forums and other events taking place. CPA Secretary-General, Akbar Khan said: “CHOGM 2018 seeks to deliver better global outcomes for the Commonwealth’s 2.4 billion citizens, 60% of whom are under the age of 30 by all parts of the Commonwealth family working more closely together towards a common future.  Members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association representing over 180 Commonwealth Parliaments and Legislatures and 17,000 Parliamentarians across the Commonwealth will be at the heart of the discussions taking place at key Forums and side events. The CPA will bring its unique perspective to CHOGM 2018 through focusing on the key role that Parliamentarians can and do play in every aspect of a nation’s life to bring transformational change to Commonwealth citizens’ lives.”
Commonwealth Women's Forum 2018: At the Commonwealth Women's Forum delegates will highlight women's positive political, economic and societal contributions. The CPA’s focus on SDG 5 is highlighted most clearly in the work undertaken by the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) in its mission for greater representation of women in legislatures. The CWP is hosting a session at the Commonwealth Women’s Forum on ‘Women’s Political Participation at All Levels’ on Monday, at 3.30 (UK), 16 April 2018, in partnership with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum and the CPA UK Branch. For more information about this workshop please click here. Questions for panellists at the CWF workshop session can be sent via Twitter #CWF

Commonwealth People's Forum 2018: The Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) is bringing together civic voices from around the world to debate key issues facing Commonwealth people. The CPF is the single largest opportunity for civil society to engage with Commonwealth leaders on global development issues. This year’s event involves CPA Members, including the CPA Small Branches Chairperson, Hon. Angelo Farrugia, MP, Speaker of the Parliament of Malta, engaging with civil society.

Commonwealth Youth Forum 2018: The future of the Commonwealth depends on its one billion young people. The Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) will provide an opportunity for the young people of the Commonwealth to build cross-cultural connections and networks, debate the challenges facing young people, agree youth-led initiatives to influence decision-makers, and ensure young people have a voice in the Commonwealth’s future. Young people who have participated in the 9th Commonwealth Youth Parliament and CPA Commonwealth Day Youth Programmes are taking part in this year's CYF. 

Commonwealth Business Forum 2018: The Commonwealth Advantage - with its shared values, regulatory systems and language - has the potential to increase intra-Commonwealth trade by 20% and can reduce the cost of doing business between member countries by up to 19%. Many CPA Members who are both Ministers and global business leaders are attending the Commonwealth Business Forum being held in the City of London and Westminster.

Pre-CHOGM 2018 special issue of The Parliamentarian: A special issue of the CPA's flagship publication The Parliamentarian has been published featuring articles by the Commonwealth Secretary-General, the UK Commonwealth Minister, Parliamentarians and representatives of many Commonwealth organisations. To read this issue please click here.

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The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) and associated Forums take place every two years in a different Commonwealth country. The next host country will be decided at the Summit this week.

Updated 16th April 2018.

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