CPA Masterclasses provide online digital training for Members and parliamentary staff to build an informed parliamentary community across the Commonwealth     

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) has launched a new online digital resource ‘CPA Masterclasses’ to complement its parliamentary strengthening work and to enhance the performance of Parliamentarians across the Commonwealth. 

The CPA Masterclasses are ‘bite sized’ video briefings and analyses of critical policy areas and parliamentary procedural matters that can be accessed by Members of Parliament across the Commonwealth ‘on demand’ to support their work. 

The CPA Masterclasses expand CPA’s reach and enhance its value as a knowledge platform offering a smart guide on some of the burning issues that 21st century Parliamentarians face. 

The Secretary-General of the CPA, Mr Akbar Khan said that the briefings are aimed to be a ‘go-to resource’ for Parliamentarians in all corners of the Commonwealth requiring a short time to digest need-to-know information. The Commonwealth has some of the largest and smallest legislatures, and some of the most remote in the world, but irrespective of their size or connectedness, these briefings will be easily accessible and available for Parliamentarians everywhere that seek to enhance their knowledge with real-time access to accurate, up-to-date information delivered by experts in the field. 

The CPA Secretary-General stated: “There are a number of Parliamentarians across our Commonwealth that don’t have the opportunity to attend the face-to-face workshops or training CPA provides to help build their capacity, but there is huge demand for access to CPA programmes.  We can now respond to this increasing demand, and reach all our membership through this cost-effective and innovative programme.”

In its first series launched online, the CPA is offering Masterclasses on a range of issues including the role of male Parliamentarians in championing gender equality in parliament; a judicial perspective on the importance of the separation of powers; the value of mentoring for female Parliamentarians; and the role that Parliamentarians can play in dispute resolution in global trade negotiations; the role of parliament in disaster risk reduction; how to maximise the relationship between local government and parliament for the benefit of citizens; the importance of gender budgeting in creating policy that benefits everyone equally; and on enhancing corporate leadership skills of Members of Parliament.

Hon. Poto Williams MP, Member of the New Zealand Parliament delivered a CPA Masterclass on gender and the value of mentoring for female Parliamentarians. She said: “I was very happy to be involved in the first series of CPA Masterclasses and especially happy to discuss the mentoring programme delivered in the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Pacific Region last year. The relationships formed during that period have cemented over time and there is interest from current participants and possible new candidates for this to be delivered again, perhaps with one of the other Pacific nations hosting. We are encouraged that the issues of increased and effective representation for women in the Pacific continues to be a popular and worthwhile discussion for our Parliaments.”

To watch a video trailer for the CPA Masterclasses online please click here or visit 

The CPA Masterclasses are available in full to CPA Members on the CPA website. The Masterclasses provide practical guidance to Members of Parliament and parliamentary staff which can be implemented on the job. 

Please note that the CPA Masterclasses have been produced for the CPA membership only and are therefore password protected. CPA Members can access the Masterclasses using a username/password available from their CPA Branch Secretary or from the CPA Headquarters Secretariat

Published on Friday 19 January 2018.


Notes to Editors

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