New CPA Teachers’ Resource Pack on the Commonwealth, Parliament and Democracy launched for Commonwealth Schools 

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) has launched a new Teachers’ Resource Pack on the Commonwealth, Parliament and Democracy in collaboration with the British Council and the Commonwealth Secretariat. The resource has been designed for teachers across the Commonwealth and accompanies the Schools Online resources under ‘Commonwealth Class’, a dynamic and exciting online programme of activities, learning resources and events for schools. 

The CPA Teachers’ Resource Pack has been launched to provide teachers with materials to assist their students in learning and thinking critically about the Commonwealth, parliaments and democracy more broadly. The 24 page resource includes both factual information and exciting cross-curricular activities for students aged 7-14 and is available both online and in hard copy

The resource is linked to the CPA Roadshows for Schools and Universities, a core programme of the CPA launched in March 2016 which aims to provide an opportunity for young people to learn about the political values of the Commonwealth such as diversity, development and parliamentary democracy. The CPA Roadshows are also designed to provide a forum for young people to discuss issues of concern about the society in which they live; an opportunity to find out about the work of the CPA; and for Members of Parliament to connect with their local youth through the CPA.

The new Teachers’ Resource is also linked to the wider purpose of the CPA to engage the youth of the Commonwealth with the Commonwealth’s values and increase awareness of the role and value of parliamentary democracy and the role of Parliaments in promoting these values. 

The online version of the Teachers’ Resource Pack is available to download at the following link:

To request a printed copy please email the school contact details to

For more information about the CPA Roadshows for Schools and Universities which are taking place across the Commonwealth then please click here.


Published Monday 10 July 2017.

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