CPA Post-Election Seminar and CPA Roadshow held in Guyana

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Post-Election Seminar for the Parliament of Guyana has taken place in Georgetown, Guyana, from 30 March to 1 April 2016, hosted by the CPA Guyana Branch.

The Seminar was opened by the First Vice President and Prime Minister of Guyana, Hon. Moses V. Nagamootoo, JP, MP; the Speaker of the Parliament of Guyana, Hon. Dr Barton U.A. Scotland, C.C.H, MP and Mr Akbar Khan, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
. Mr Khan, who was born in Guyana, held a number of meetings with officials and local representatives during the visit. Mr Khan also met with the Guyana Opposition Leader, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo.

To read the opening remarks by the the Speaker of the Parliament of Guyana, Hon. Dr Barton U.A. Scotland, C.C.H, MP please click here.

The CPA Post-Election Seminars are two to three day seminars on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure, where experts describe how things are undertaken in other Commonwealth Parliaments and relate these experiences through discussions to the local situation. The Seminars have proved to be most helpful and popular with all Members, irrespective of their experience and political affiliation. The Seminar is usually delivered after an election and in addition to a Parliament’s own induction Seminar for Members.

A Post-Election Seminar also provides an opportunity for Members to ask questions about parliamentary practice and procedure which they might not otherwise ask or not have the opportunity to ask in other settings.  Most importantly, it provides them with a better understanding of the parliamentary system and democratic processes.

The CPA Resource Team at the Post-Election Seminar in Guyana consisted of Hon. Chandra Arya, MP, House of Commons, Canada; Hon. Rodger Cuzner, MP; House of Commons, Canada; the Rt. Hon. David Lammy, MP, UK House of Commons; Senator David Smith, QC, Senate of Canada; Mrs Jacqui Sampson-Meiguel, Clerk to the House of Representatives, Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago; Mr José Cadorette, Deputy Principal Clerk, House of Commons, Canada; and Ms Elizabeth Kingston, CPA Canada Branch Secretary.

To read the closing remarks by the the Speaker of the Parliament of Guyana, Hon. Dr Barton U.A. Scotland, C.C.H, MP please click here.

While visiting Guyana to attend the CPA Post-Election Seminar, the CPA Secretary-General also delivered a CPA Roadshow to increase young people’s awareness of parliament and democracy. The CPA Roadshow was held at the University of Guyana and presented to a large group of students and lecturers. In a lively session, students had the opportunity to put their questions on topical political issues to two Ministers of State and two members from the opposition.
CPA Roadshows provide an opportunity for young people to discuss issues of concern about their society and democracy, to meet local Members of Parliament and Parliamentary staff and to find out about the work of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and the wider Commonwealth.

To view images of the Post-Election Seminar, CPA Branch visit and CPA Roadshow in Guyana please click here.

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