Value Creation Accounting

This support service:

  • Develops and manages the agreed financial strategy to ensure the maintenance, growth and secure financial future for the Association
  • Performs stewardship of the organisational performance framework, aligning key performance indicators to outcomes, and reporting on these
  • Instigates and implements the agreed initiatives to achieve cost control and bottom line/surplus enhancements
  • Evaluates and finds meaningful insights into financial data, and explains the trends/consequences we see in the data to our Members
  • Confirms what the trends mean for the future of our Association and initiates proposals on the appropriate courses, so we can move confidently into the future
  • Continually challenges prevailing assumptions which undermine our operational effectiveness and find ways to renew these on an ongoing basis
  • Adopts a “possibility thinking” approach to our work, and embraces a consultative problem-solving process: working with the Management Team, we search for what does not exist and is affecting our operational effectiveness, take steps to create it and make appropriate recommendations to the Association’s governing body

For further information about the CPA's Financial Directorate please email or contact the CPA Secretariat.