Current and Future CPA Programmes

What do we offer?
  • Over 110 years of facilitating shared learning between Commonwealth Parliamentarians and officials.
  • Unique access 180 Commonwealth Parliaments and over 17,000 Parliamentarians.
  • An established expertise in parliamentary democracy and good governance revered and respected globally.
  • Opportunity for global stakeholders to participate and contribute to the development of best practice and standard-setting for Commonwealth Parliaments and Parliamentarians.
  • Impact which is effective, valuable and sustainable for all!

Please download our current CPA Programmes booklet for 2021 - click here.

The CPA seeks to nurture an open and wide-ranging understanding of parliamentary democracy that takes account of the national context and is in line with the Association’s non-partisan, non-prescriptive and non-intrusive approach, as well as the priorities set by jurisdictions and Parliaments themselves.

Through its programmes, the CPA seeks to capture the diverse experiences of parliamentary democracy from across the Commonwealth. Through the sharing of ideas and practices the CPA is able to expand its comparative knowledge on parliamentary strengthening recognising the diverse challenges that many Commonwealth jurisdictions face.

The CPA’s programme activities for strengthening the functioning of Parliaments builds on the Association’s convening power and ability to facilitate dialogue at the national, regional and pan-Commonwealth levels.

For details of current and future CPA Programmes, Conferences and Events please email or contact the CPA Secretariat.

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