CPA Programmes

In its work to promote Parliamentary Democracy and Good Governance, the CPA carries out an extensive range of programmes and activities with Parliaments and other organisations to achieve its mission.  This includes conferences, seminars and workshops, expert groups and study groups. It is through its Programmes that CPA aims to provide to Members and Parliamentary officials a range of core functions to promote parliamentary knowledge and Commonwealth parliamentary co-operation.

The CPA’s wide ranging programme of seminars and workshops aims to provide both established and newly elected Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Staff with continuing professional development, and also to share experience and knowledge with other Parliaments. 

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Examples of CPA Programmes

Post-Election Seminars

Post-Election Seminars are usually undertaken at the request of a Parliament or Legislature following an election. The Post-Election Seminar is a three-day seminar on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure, where experts can share good practice from other Commonwealth Parliaments and relate these experiences in discussion to the local scene. The seminar is aimed at building capacity of newly elected Members of Parliament to enable them function efficiently and effectively in the performance of their democratic duties.

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Parliamentary Staff Development Workshop

The CPA Parliamentary Staff Development Workshop is delivered in collaboration with the Host Branch. The programme includes the following topics: Practice and Procedure in the House; Committee Administration and Procedure in Committees; Parliament and the Budget and Parliament, Civil Society and the Media. The Seminar is for clerks from National Branches in a specific region.

International Professional Development Programme for Parliamentary Staff

The CPA in partnership with the World Bank Group and McGill University collaborate on a university-based Executive Development Programme for Parliamentary Staff, with a one-week residential seminar at McGill University in Canada, followed by expert-moderated e-learning courses. 

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