Archived Issues of The Parliamentarian

The CPA Headquarters Secretariat holds physical archives of The Parliamentarian, first published in 1920, at its London offices. If you are interested in accessing the archives of the publication please email

Below are the digital archives of The Parliamentarian.  


Issue One/2010


Issue Four/2014

Issue One/2015
Issue Two/2015
Issue Three/2015
Issue Four/2015

Issue One/2016
Issue Two/2016
Issue Three/2016
Issue Four/2016

Issue One/2017 - 62nd CPC Conference Issue
Issue Two/2017
Issue Three/2017
Issue Four/2017 - 63rd CPC Conference Issue

Issue One/2018 - Towards a Common Future - Looking ahead to CHOGM 2018
Issue Two/2018 - Towards a Common Future - CHOGM 2018 Outcomes
Issue Three/2018 - Democracy, Development and Diversity in the Commonwealth
Issue Four/2018 - Human rights in the modern era

Issue One/2019 - Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians at 30
Issue Two/2019 - The Commonwealth at 70 and 'A Connected Commonwealth'  
Issue Three/2019 -The Commonwealth and global affairs in 21st century
Issue Four/2019 - 64th CPC Conference Issue

Issue One/2020 - Centenary Issue (1920-2020)  
Issue Two/2020 - Commonwealth Parliaments respond to COVID-19
Issue Three/2020 - United Nations at 75: The relationship between the Commonwealth and the UN
Issue Four/2020 - Social Media and Democracy in the Commonwealth

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