CPA Roadshows are taking place across the Commonwealth -2018 events

St Helena introduces the CPA Roadshow to primary and secondary school students

Following a CPA Post-Election Seminar, the CPA Roadshow for Young People was launched at Prince Andrew School in St Helena as part of the CPA Roadshows tour of Commonwealth schools and universities. Over 300 students discussed the importance of the Commonwealth and parliamentary democracy with the visiting CPA delegation and local Councillors, Derek Thomas, Christine Scipio-O'Dean and Cruyff Buckley. Please click here for the news story.

CPA Chairperson introduces CPA Roadshow to Cameroon

The CPA Chairperson and the CPA Secretary-General held an engaging CPA Roadshow session providing an opportunity for the young people to learn about the political values of the Commonwealth such as diversity, development and parliamentary democracy; to discuss issues of concern about the society in which they live; and to find out about the work of the CPA through their questions at the session. The Roadshow took place at the Government Bilingual High School at Limbe. Nearly 200 students aged 12-18 attended the CPA Roadshow. Please click here for the news story.