Parliaments and Extractive Industries

Date: 8-10 December 2015
Location: London, United Kingdom

Each year, the CPA-World Bank Extractive Industry conference provides a valuable and unique opportunity for parliamentarians, parliamentary officials and staff, experts in governance around the world to come together to discuss and share up-to-date experience and knowledge of an important global issue of current concern for parliamentary development. 

Parliaments have a critical role to play in helping steward the use of a nation’s natural resources for the benefit of their community. This seminar explores how parliamentary revenue and supply procedures can be used by parliaments to strike a balance between ensuring the state captures sufficient revenues from extractive activity to be able to provide a development dividend, while promoting and sustaining investment in the sector. 
Participants will be drawn from countries with experience in this field as well as from nations with either limited experience or which are just embarking on mining and petroleum development.