Bangladesh Parliament hosts joint CPA and IMF workshop on Economic and Financial Prospects for Asian and South East Asian Emerging Economies 

As part of the CPA’s programme of support for parliamentarians and in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the CPA is organising a Parliamentary Workshop on the IMF’s strategy and work program for Asia and South East Asia, which is being hosted by the Bangladesh Parliament. Enabling Parliaments to effectively respond to the challenges particularly in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis is central to maintaining economic and financial stability in countries across the Commonwealth. With this in mind, the CPA and IMF workshop for Parliamentarians will look at enhancing the knowledge of members of finance committees about fiscal issues, international finance and the impact on national governments and finances. The workshop will also allow the opportunity for Members to identify good practice on, for instance, parliamentary oversight of financial, economic and monetary policies to improve governance in relation to the economy.