Small Branches Committee Workshop

Date: 17-21 August 2015
Location: Douglas, Isle of Man

The Workshop is part of the CPA’s programme of professional development for Members of Parliament and Parliamentary staff. The Workshop aims to explore the committee system in Small Legislatures. The Committee system is one of the most important mechanisms that a Legislature uses to hold the government to account, and ask questions about policies and expenditures. 

The 2-day Workshop, which will be hosted by the CPA Isle of Man Branch will seek to explore the diversity which exists amongst Small Branches in their approaches to establish effective committee systems within their Legislature. 

The Commonwealth was the first organization to recognise the unique challenges faced by small countries and raise awareness about their issues on the international stage. Small Branches have an important role to play in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and contribute to the diversity of the organization and its global reach. A country is more likely to achieve sustainable development if it inspires confidence; and it can only inspire confidence, if it is founded on a strong democratic culture. Democratic institutions are often more costly to establish and maintain for Small Branches. This is why it is essential that the CPA continues to provide support in promoting good governance and assistance in the process of Parliamentary reform.