Climate Change and Small States: Parliamentarian’s Toolkit 
A Guide for Effective Climate Change Action

The contemporary challenge from climate change is a global concern, its impacts touching every nation on earth. Despite contributing least to global greenhouse gas emissions, it is however, the small states and territories of the Commonwealth and beyond who will suffer disproportionately from its effects.

In continuation of its long history engaging with small legislatures, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), through its CPA Small Branches network, has supported and empowered small states and territories, and their Parliamentarians, to tackle the significant issues which face them, including climate change. 

Although combatting climate change requires the support of the international community, the CPA believes that small states and their Parliamentarians have played a crucial role in tackling this challenge. The launch of a CPA climate change toolkit for CPA Small Branch Parliamentarians is built on this understanding.

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Updated February 2020/CPAHQ