CWP Alumni Initiative: Benefits

The benefits of mentoring 
The primary outcome for the CWP Alumni Initiative is the leveraging of the expertise of former Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians to support sitting women Parliamentarians, particularly newly elected members (CWP Strategic Plan 2017-2019, p11.)  

The strategy to be used achieve this outcome is the development of a mentoring program in each CPA Region whereby former women Parliamentarians’ mentor and support sitting women Parliamentarians to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence. 
Specifically, mentors can provide advice on how women Parliamentarians can achieve the following goals: 
- advocate and speak on policies and legislation that are important to them.  
- build alliances with other women MPs and community organisations
- work effectively in partnership with men in politics and the Parliament.
- raise MPs profile in the constituency and in the Parliament. 
- campaign effectively for reelection.  

As a professional friend, mentors can also:
- Assist with strengthening self-esteem and confidence by sharing experiences and encouraging positive self-reflection and self-love.
- Provide support to develop the resilience needed in politics and public life. 
- Provide encouragement to reflect on and learn from both the good times and the bad.
- Suggest strategies for self-care and balancing work and family commitments. 

In the CPA Masterclass on Mentoring: Women supporting Women, the CWP Alumni Champion, Dr Lesley Clark and former Australian Senator, Claire Moore share their mentoring experiences and discuss the benefits of mentoring for both the mentor and mentee. To view the video please click here or view below:

In the CPA Masterclass 'The Importance of Mentoring for Parliamentarians: with a special focus on Gender' - New Zealand Member of Parliament, Hon. Munokoa Poto Williams, MP speaks about her work in mentoring women Members of Parliament in the CPA Pacific Region. To view the video please click here or view below:

To contact the CWP Alumni Champion please email


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Updated 4 December 2019/CPAHQ.