Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP)


CWP International Activities

There are several institutionalised meetings which are aimed at helping the CWP to exchange information and streamline its regional working programmes.

Meeting of the CWP Steering Committee
The CWP Steering Committee meets on an annual basis ahead of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, where they agree a work programme for the year ahead.

Pan-Commonwealth Triennial CWP Conference
Every three years, the CWP holds its triennial conference during the annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. The most recent CWP Conference was held in September 2019 in Kampala, Uganda under the theme of ‘CWP at 30 years: Achievements and Unfinished Business – Looking forward to the next 30 years’ in recognition of the CWP’s 30th anniversary in 2019. For a report of the CWP Conference please click here.

The CWP Business Meeting deals with the business of the CWP and takes place annually before the CPA Annual Conference. It was previously only open to women delegates, observers and clerks, but since the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Cameroon, male delegates, observers and clerks were permitted to attend as well. This was supported widely by the CWP as it was agreed that for women to gain ground politically, men had to support them through this process. The most recent CWP Business Meeting was held in September 2019. 

A CWP session focusing on a selected topic and is held immediately following the CWP Business Meeting.

A gender related Workshop features as part of the Annual Conference; its theme is selected by the CWP Steering Committee. The Workshop is open to all Delegates of the CPA Annual Conference and organised and chaired by the CWP President.

Pan-Commonwealth Conferences and Workshops 
The CWP has held Pan-Commonwealth Conferences on the themes including ‘The Role of Women and Girls in the Post-Development Era’. The CWP Chairperson and CWP Steering Committee Members from each of the nine CPA regions attend these conferences. The conferences provide participants with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the current thinking in CWP activities, to hear about the work of governments across the Commonwealth and to reflect on the progress made.
International Women’s Day 
The Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) participate in International Women's Day to highlight the work of the CWP. Click here for CWP activities on International Day.

For further information including the aims of the CWP
, please contact the CPA Secretariat on

In addition to CWP International, there are regional groups of the CWP with their own steering committees and programmes of activities. For further information on CWP activities within CPA regions, please click here.

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