Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) Australia Region

As part of their regional CWP programme, the CWP Australia Region is actively engaged in promoting gender equality in politics.

The region have organised several conferences in recent years and a variety of youth fora on topics such as 'Women, Community and Politics/Connect'. These fora have allowed delegates the opportunity to hold discussions with female parliamentarians, to observe female parliamentarians at work, to hear leading female parliamentarians’ views on gender perspectives on leadership and to participate in a roundtable discussion on issues of interest concerning the Commonwealth.

The ‘Stepping Up’ Programme is an initiative launched by the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) Australia Region to encourage young women to consider a career in parliament. A number of events have been held in Australia Region Branches following the launch event for the programme in New South Wales. The Programme includes interactive panel discussions which give current women Members the opportunity to discuss their career development with panellists and a practical session on communication and presentation skills. The first ‘Stepping Up’ event has become a template for other regional branches to use. 

The CWP Australia Region has also hosted twinning programmes with women MPs from other Parliaments and Legislatures in the Australia and Pacific Region.

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