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The Chair's Report

The special issue of the Chair's Quarterly Report for the CPC 2013.

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The Parliamentarian Issue Two/2013

The Journal of Commonwealth Parliamentarians and Legislatures is published and distributed to all Members at the end of each quarter. Articles and reports contributed by Members and parliamentary staff inform their colleagues in other Houses about significant constitutional, parliamentary and political developments. Read the online version of the South Africa Profile and Issue Two/2013 of The Parliamentarian.

Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians

List of parliamentary and non-parliamentary women's organisations

In order to facilitate the work of women Parliamentarians to promote the participation of women in politics, the CPA has compiled a comprehensive list of parliamentary and non-parliamentary womens' organisations from all over the world.

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Parliament and Extractive Industries

Date: 28 October - 1 November 2013
Location: Vienna, Austria

In order for natural resources to be used effectively and to contribute positively to development, greater participation, transparency, and accountability across the EI value chain needs to be promoted.  These governance objectives can only be   achieved with the support of a wide range of stakeholders such as governments,   multinational corporations, the media, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and, importantly, Parliaments.

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