CPA Academy

Calendar of Activities

The following CPA and Commonwealth activities are scheduled. However all activities are subject to last minute changes or cancelations. Please contact the CPA Headquarters Secretariat via for details of forthcoming conferences and events or alternatively head to our Events or News pages.

For a list of the timings for key International UN Days please visit the UN site.

To download our 2023 Forward Planner please click here.


Forthcoming Events and Activities



  • CPA Post-Election Seminar for the Parliament of Tonga and other Pacific Parliaments, 21 to 24 March 2023


  • UK Overseas Territories Speakers Conference, Anguilla, 3 to 7 April 2023
  • Mid-Year CPA Executive Committee meeting, Gibraltar, 17 to 20 April 2023
  • 52nd CPA British Islands and Mediterranean Regional Conference, London, UK, 25 to 28 April 2023




  • 52nd Presiding Officers and Clerks Conference (POCC) for the Pacific and Australia Regions, Solomon Islands, 2 to 6 July 2023
  • 45th CPA Caribbean, Americas and the Atlantic Regional Conference, Turks and Caicos, dates TBC, July 2023
  • 59th CPA Canada Regional Conference, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 23 to 28 July 2023
  • 6th CPA Asia Regional Conference, Venue and dates TBC, July 2023



  • International Day of Democracy, 15 September 2023
  • 66th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, Accra, Ghana (including 39th CPA Small Branches Conference; Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) and Commonwealth Parliamentarians with Disabilities (CPwD) meetings; 66th CPA General Assembly; CPA Executive Committee meetings; and the Society of Clerks at the Table (SoCATT) meetings), 30 September to 6 October 2023


  • 43rd CPA Canadian Parliamentary Regional Seminar, Ontario, Canada, 12 to 15 October 2023
  • 147th IPU Assembly, Luanda, Angola, 23 to 27 October 2023
  • UN Day, 24 October 2023
  • CPA Australia and Pacific Regional Conference, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Dates TBC October 2023






Updated 21/03/2023