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13 Parliaments and Legislatures make up the CPA Pacific Region. These include Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu and New Zealand to name but a few. 

Many CPA activities are regionally based and the CPA Pacific Region collaborates with the CPA Australian Region in regular conferences and seminars. The New Zealand Parliament also provides the Secretariat for the CPA Pacific Region, based in the International Parliamentary Relations Secretariat of the Office of the Clerk. 

The CPA Pacific Region is most active in its twinning programme with the Australian Legislatures through the Tai a Kiwa: Stronger Pacific Parliaments Programme, a New Zealand led initiative which offers support and technical assistance to Parliaments in the Pacific.

The CPA Pacific Region also works with the CPA Australia Region on other programmes such as the Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers Regional Conference. 

The CPA Pacific Region also has an active Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians chapter with a Regional CWP Steering Committee determining policy.

The CPA Pacific Regional Chairperson is Hon. Gerry Brownlee, MP, Deputy Chairperson, Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Select Committee, Parliament of New Zealand - email: cpa@parliament.govt.nz 

The CPA Pacific Regional Secretariat is based within the New Zealand Parliament.

Please contact:

Ms Amber Walters

Inter-Parliamentary Relations (IPR) Officer

c/o Parliament Buildings
Private Bag 18041
Wellington 6160
New Zealand

+64 (4) 817-9999

Email: CPA@parliament.govt.nz 

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