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COMING - 18 May 2021

Online Courses

Learning and striving for excellence should be a lifelong objective. With this in mind, the CPA has designed a curriculum of online and physical courses specifically for Parliamentarians and parliamentary officials.

These accessible courses offer an adaptive and flexible learning approach. The courses are intended to strengthen the capacity of Parliamentarians and parliamentary staff to fulfil their constitutional and statutory obligations as well as to enhance knowledge and understanding of the role of Parliament in the democratic governance process.

The CPA has brought together over 50 experienced Parliamentarians, clerks and external experts from across the Commonwealth to offer their insight and advice on subjects ranging from gender-sensitive budgeting to codes of conduct.

The following online courses will be available in Spring 2021:

CPA Parliamentary Professional Development Certificate (awarded to those that complete all the courses)

  • Induction for New Parliamentarians
  • Legislative Process
  • Scrutiny, Accountability and Oversight
  • Representation, Advocacy and Education

CPA Parliamentary Service Professional Development Certificate (awarded to those that complete all the courses)

  • Basic Principles of Parliamentary Procedure
  • Committee System
  • Administration and Management of Parliaments
  • Building Relationships
  • Strategy, Business Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation

Additional courses will also be rolled out in Autumn 2021 aimed specifically at Speakers and Members of the CPA’s various networks.

Residency Courses

The CPA will deliver two residency based workshops for parliamentarians. Both will be run annually and will be an opportunity to complement the online courses.

Advanced Parliamentary Development
This 4-day course will be an opportunity for up to 30 parliamentarians to examine how to be better performing parliamentarians. Based on a mentoring and coaching approach, participants will identify practical solutions to the challenges they face and honing skills to legislate, scrutinise and represent at a higher level. The Workshop will involve simulations, role-play, one-to-one discussions, group activities and exercises to give time for mutual learning and information sharing. - Scheduled for Spring 2022.

Advanced Professional Development & Skills-Building
This 4-day course will enable parliamentarians to develop skills on areas like leadership; influencing and negotiation, communication - through speeches and media interviews; managing teams; diplomacy; research skills; managing finances; coping with personal issues (managing family life and work, mental health issues, personal growth) and other skills and abilities parliamentarians need to perform at a higher level and have the knowledge and confidence to deal with any situation that arises. - Scheduled for Autumn/Winter 2022.

Externally Delivered Courses

The CPA, in partnership with leading international universities and professional development training institutions have designed academically rigorous accredited programmes for parliamentarians and clerks to access independently.

  • The Professional Development Certificate in Parliamentary Governance and the Professional Development Certificate in Parliamentary Management delivered by the McGill University's School of Continuing Studies - Scheduled for Autumn 2021.
  • The online King’s College, University of London Advanced Parliamentary Theory and Practice module for parliamentary officials - Scheduled for June/July 2021.
  • Backbencher to an Effective Minister: From Campaigning to Governing delivered by the Civil Service College is aimed at newly appointed Ministers - Scheduled for July 2021.

Find out more about these courses and how to apply, follow the link here

Matthew Salik
Head of Parliamentary Development
CPA Headquarters Secretariat matthew.salik@cpahq.org
Lydia Buchanan
Programme Manager - Bilateral Engagement
CPA Headquarters Secretariat lydia.buchanan@cpahq.org
Olivia Flynn
Programme Administrator - Parliamentary Academy
CPA Headquarters Secretariat Olivia.Flynn@cpahq.org