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Future Courses

Launching in 2024
To register your interest in upcoming courses, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and you will be notified when they are launched.

A further two online CPA Parliamentary Academy online courses will be launched in 2024:

  • The Sustainable Development Goals: Parliaments’ role in their implementation
  • Chairing a Parliamentary Committee

These courses will complement the existing curriculum. All courses will remain FREE for CPA Members and parliamentary staff.

About the CPA Parliamentary Academy

A Centre of Excellence for Commonwealth Parliaments

New Courses

Live now on the CPA Parliamentary Academy
Speakers and Presiding Officers Course
This course is now live on the CPA Parliamentary Academy

The primary objective of this unique course is to provide newly appointed Speakers and Presiding Officers of Parliaments with the knowledge and skills on how to perform their functions as the leaders within their parliamentary institutions. 

The course examines the procedural, administrative, ceremonial and outreach roles of Speakers and Presiding Officers in a Commonwealth context. Nevertheless, such a course has value to students from outside the Commonwealth.

It is targeted at experienced, new or aspiring Speakers and Presiding Officers, support staff within the Office of the Speaker, parliamentary professional development specialists and politics students.

Modules will cover issues including:

  • History and evolution of the Speakership
  • Constitutional role of the Speaker
  • Powers and procedural role
  • Administration and management of Parliaments
  • The Speaker as a Committee Chair
  • The Speaker's Team and working with stakeholders
  • Life after the Speakership
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Effective Women's Parliamentary Caucuses (WPCs)
This course is now live on the CPA Parliamentary Academy

This course offers an introduction to the main methods used to establish and run effective women’s parliamentary caucuses, based on the experiences of Parliaments across the Commonwealth and beyond.

The course first explores the process of establishing a women’s parliamentary caucus, covering key issues such as how institutions can garner support, challenge resistance, and take advantage of a window of opportunity to successfully establish their caucus. It then outlines how to run an effective women’s parliamentary caucus, with lessons on structuring caucuses, setting clear goals, establishing partnerships, remaining viable and engaging with male allies.  

The course provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to these issues for both Parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, including those with limited prior knowledge or involvement in establishing or working in a women’s parliamentary caucus.

Modules will cover issues including:

  • bipartisanship
  • the organisation of a caucus
  • internal communication
  • focus and objectives
  • soft power and outreach
  • funding and durability
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Learn Online with the CPA 

Our existing online courses

13 online courses, designed specifically for busy Parliamentarians and clerks with the support of more than 85 experienced Parliamentarians, clerks and external experts from across the Commonwealth, are currently available through the CPA's online learning portal.

CPA Parliamentary Professional Development Certificate (awarded to those that complete all the courses)

  • Induction for New Parliamentarians
  • Legislative Process
  • Scrutiny, Accountability and Oversight
  • Representation, Advocacy and Education

and at an advanced level:

  • NEW: Advanced Course for Speakers and Presiding Officers

CPA Parliamentary Service Professional Development Certificate (awarded to those that complete all the courses)

  • Basic Principles of Parliamentary Procedure
  • Committee System
  • Administration and Management of Parliaments
  • Building Relationships
  • Strategy, Business Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation

CPA Public Financial Management Certificate (awarded to those that complete the course below)

  • Public Accounts Committee Course

CPA Small Branches: Climate Change Certificate (awarded to those that complete the course below)

  • Parliamentary Action on Climate Change in Small Jurisdictions Course

CPA CWP Network: Effective Women's Parliamentary Caucuses certificate (awarded to those that complete the course below)

  • NEW: Effective Women's Parliamentary Caucuses Course 

CPA CPwD Network: Making Parliaments Accessible Certificate (awarded to those that complete the course below)

  • Making Parliaments Accessible Course


Courses are free to all Members of Parliament and parliamentary staff in active CPA Branches. Not sure if that includes you? Check our CPA Branches A - Z for a full list of CPA Members.

Non-Members can benefit from a range of paid options for groups and individuals. Discounts are available to partner organisations, non-Commonwealth Parliaments and academia.

We can also provide all-access institutional options to large organisations or academic institutions. Get in touch with our Academy team to discuss a tailored solution for your organisation.

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To express your interest in upcoming courses: Complete the form at the bottom of the page and you will be notified when they are launched.

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