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State Legislature of Johore

Hon. Datuk Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi, MP, Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly
CPA Johore Branch President
Johore State Legislative Assembly
Mr Haji Zainal bin Eran, Secretary of the State Legislative Assembly
CPA Johore Branch Secretary
Johore State Legislative Assembly

Joined the Commonwealth: 19 September 1963 (as a State of Malaysia)
CPA Branch formed: 1 January 1963

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral – Johore State Legislative Assembly (56)

Parliament/Legislature Website: Johore State Legislative Assembly (Malay version)

Number of Departmental/Ministry Oversight Committees: 1 - Public Accounts Committee     

Number of Joint Committees (if bicameral): N/A

Names of House Management (such as Privileges or Procedure) Committees: Rules of Proceedings Committee; Rights and Privileges Committee; Committee of Selection

Recent CPA Programmatic Activities/News:

From 23-26 March 2021, the Speaker of the Johor State Legislative Assembly kindly attended and contributed to the CPA Executive Committee Mid-Year Meeting as one of three Executive Committee members representing the CPA South-East Asia Region.

Key Facts

CPA Branch Formed
01 Jan 1963
Voting Age
Seat of Parliament