CPA Parliamentary Academy

Legislative Assembly of Montserrat

Hon. Charliena White, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
CPA Montserrat Branch President
Legislative Assembly of Montserrat
Ms Judith Jeffers-Baker, Clerk of Councils
CPA Montserrat Branch Secretary
Legislative Assembly of Montserrat

Joined the Commonwealth: 19 November 1926

CPA Branch formed: 1 January 1953

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral - Legislative Assembly (12)

Parliament/Legislature website: Montserrat Legislative Assembly 

Number of Departmental/Ministry Oversight Committees: Currently 1.

Names of House Management (such as Privileges or Procedure) Committees: N/A 

Standing Orders: click here

Constitution: click here

Articles in The Parliamentarian (2015 to present):



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Key Facts

CPA Branch Formed
01 Jan 1953
Voting Age
Seat of Parliament