CPA Parliamentary Academy

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Hon. Ted Arnott, MLA, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
CPA Ontario Branch President
Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Mr Trevor Day, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
CPA Ontario Branch Secretary
Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Grace Bento, Executive Assistant to the Clerk & Administrative Coordinator
CPA Ontario Assistant Branch Secretary
Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Joined the Commonwealth: 19 November 1926

CPA Branch formed: 1 January 1930

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral - Legislative Assembly of Ontario (124)

Parliament/Legislature website: Legislative Assembly of Ontario 

Number of Departmental/Ministry Oversight Committees: Currently 7

Standing Committee on Estimates; Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs; Standing Committee on General Government; Standing Committee on Government Agencies; Standing Committee on Justice Policy; Standing Committee on Public Accounts; Standing Committee on Social Policy 

Names of House Management (such as Privileges or Procedure) Committees: 

Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills; Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly

Standing Orders: Please click here


Recent articles in The Parliamentarian:

  • The Parliamentarian 2022 Issue Two: Canada Profile: 65th CPC - 'CWP in the CPA Canada Region' by Hon. Lisa Thompson, MPP, CWP representative for Canada Region

Recent CPA Programmatic Activities/News:

  • On 22, 24 February and 1 March 2021, Members and and parliamentary staff from the CPA Ontario Branch supported the CPA Headquarters Secretariat in the delivery of the Post-Election Seminar delivered for members of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. Sessions which saw contributions from the Ontario Legislative Assembly covered a variety of topics, including Parliamentary Privileges and Immunities; The Impact of Technological Innovation and Women's Caucuses.
  • In December 2020, the CPA Headquarters Secretariat welcomed a delegate, representing the CPA Ontario Branch, at the first ever Virtual Commonwealth Youth Parliament where participants debated a number of issues including youth unemployment and COVID-19.
  • From 23-26 March 2021, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario kindly attended and contributed to the CPA Executive Committee Mid-Year Meeting as an alternate representing the CPA Canada Region.

Key Facts

CPA Branch Formed
01 Jan 1930
Voting Age
First Parliament
01 Sep 1792
Seat of Parliament