67th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference

Zanzibar Assembly

Hon. Zubeir Maulid, Speaker of the House
CPA Zanzibar Branch President
Zanzibar House of Representatives speaker@zanzibarassembly.go.tz
Ms. Raya Issa Msellem, Clerk of the House of Representatives
CPA Zanzibar Branch Secretary
Zanzibar House of Representatives clerk@zanzibarassembly.go.tz

Joined the Commonwealth: 1 January 1961

CPA Branch Formed: 4 April 1996

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral - House of Representatives (86)

Parliament/Legislature website: Zanzibar House of Representatives

Constitution: click here


Number of Departmental/Ministry Oversight Committees: 7

Names of House Management (such as Privileges or Procedure) Committees: The Steering and House Business Committee and Committee on Ethics and Members Immunities.

Articles in The Parliamentarian:

  • The Parliamentarian 2019 Issue Four - CPA news: CPA Africa Regional Conference in Zanzibar
  • The Parliamentarian 2013 Issue Three - Mr Mussa Kombo, Chief Legal Counsel, Improving Oversight of Government in Zanzibar's House of Representatives

Key Facts

CPA Branch Formed
04 Apr 1996
Voting Age
First Parliament
14 Jan 1980
Seat of Parliament