CPA Parliamentary Academy
CPA Parliamentary Academy

Advanced Parliamentary Development Residency Programme

Sydney, New South Wales
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Event Details

Dates: 21 - 27 May 2022 (inclusive of arrival and departure dates)

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Co-hosted by: CPA Headquarters Secretariat and the New South Wales Parliament

The CPA Headquarters Secretariat will be organising its first of two CPA Parliamentary Academy residency programmes in 2022. The Advanced Parliamentary Development Residency Programme is a five day programme to examine how Members can be better performing legislators, representatives and scrutineers. Based on a mentoring and coaching approach, participants will identify practical solutions to the challenges they face and hone their skills at a higher level through simulations, role-play, one-to-one discussions, group activities and exercises.  

The CPA Parliamentary Academy was established in 2021, and comprises online courses, and externally delivered training for parliamentarians and parliamentary staff from across the Commonwealth. The residency courses are intended to complement the online courses, providing face-to-face interactive learning and knowledge-sharing at a more advanced level. 

This event has concluded. Read the report ->


This is a closed programme for CPA Members only. Members of Parliament from CPA Branches who wish to apply are required to do so through their designated Branch Secretary.

About the CPA Parliamentary Academy

The CPA Parliamentary Academy: A Centre of Excellence for Commonwealth Parliamentarians was established in May 2021 to provide online courses, externally delivered courses, resources and residency programmes to enhance the professional development of Commonwealth Parliamentarians, clerks and officials. 

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