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Post-Election Seminar

CPA Post-Election Seminar: House of Assembly of Dominica

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Dates: 14 - 16 March 2023

Location: Online


At the request of the House of Assembly of Dominica, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Headquarters Secretariat is organising a virtual Post-Election Seminar for new and returning Members from 14 - 16 March 2023.

A general election took place in Dominica on 6 December 2022. A five-member Commonwealth Observer Group, led by former Kenyan Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Amina Mohamed, were deployed across the country to observe all aspects of the election process including the pre-election environment, the opening of polling stations, the voting process, and the counting of ballots. In an interm statement, the Group reported that,

'the results reflect the collective will of the people who voted and that the election of 6 December 2022 was conducted in accordance with the laws of Dominica.'

15 of the 21 seats in the House of Assembly were contested at the election. No opposition candidates were nominated in the remaining 6 seats. Voter turnout was 31.6%. 11 men and 10 women were elected to the House of Assembly.

About CPA Post-Election Seminars

The CPA Post-Election Seminar aims to provide new and returning Members of Parliament with:

  1. an in-depth understanding of parliamentary practice and procedure and the skills to legislate, scrutinise, provide oversight, and represent their communities to the highest standard.
  2. an understanding of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and relevant networks; including its, purpose, values and opportunities.
  3. an introduction to good practices to help them maintain a high standard of delivering their parliamentary responsibilities.


The CPA is committed to inclusivity and accessibility at all its events and programmes. Should you have any accessibility requirements, please contact the CPA Secretariat at

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