67th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference
International Day

International Day of Parliamentarism / World Parliament Day

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Date: 30 June 2024

Location: Worldwide


The International Day of Parliamentarism, also known as World Parliament Day, is celebrated every year on 30 June. It was established in 2018 through a United Nations General Assembly Resolution and is led by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Previous themes have focused on public engagement with Parliaments. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16.7 calls for 'responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels.' Parliaments can contribute to this goal by listening to, educating and sharing information with their citizens and public.

The CPA is committed to supporting better engagement and communication between Parliaments and the public. It has developed an Engagement, Education and Outreach Handbook as a practical resource which Parliaments can reference in their efforts to improve and expand their engagement work.

CPA Secretary-General, Stephen Twigg said:

"World Parliament Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the contribution that Parliaments make to democracy. It reminds us of the importance of consistently engaging, educating and communicating with the public on the work that Parliaments do. The CPA Engagement, Education and Outreach Handbook supports Parliaments to do this by providing practical methods for strengthening their engagement and outreach work."

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