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CWP - 66th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference

What is the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) network?

The Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) is the network of women Members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s Parliaments and Legislatures. The network's mission is to promote the representation of women in CPA Branches and women's full and equal participation in all political and parliamentary leadership at all levels.

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Will there be a CWP Conference at the 66th CPC?

The CWP network will not host a Conference at the 66th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. 

The CWP Conference is only held once every three years. The most recent CWP Conference was held in Halifax, Canada, in August 2022 at the 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, under the theme of ‘#BreaktheBias: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’.

The next CWP Conference will therefore be held at the 68th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in 2025.

What CWP activities will take place at the 66th CPC?

Several CWP meetings and related activities have been confirmed for the 66th CPC. Other activities aligned to the strategic objectives of the network may be added a later date.

Download resources from the CWP network

CWP Gender Sensitising Parliaments Guidelines: Standards and a Checklist for Parliamentary Change

These guidelines have been created to help Commonwealth Parliaments to become gender sensitive institutions, providing legislatures with an outline of gender sensitising standards that they can look to achieve. 

CWP Gender-Sensitising Parliaments: A Seven-Step Field Guide

This Field Guide complements the 'CWP Gender Sensitising Parliaments Guidelines', providing a blueprint for Parliaments interested in undertaking a gender sensitive review and making their institution more inclusive and representative.

CWP Anti-Harassment Policy Guidelines: A Toolkit for Commonwealth Parliaments

The CWP Anti-Harassment Policy Guidelines support Parliaments across the Commonwealth in the effort to both address and remove all traces of harassment across parliamentary workplaces.

Policy learning, parliamentary diplomacy and gender equality: a CWP research project

This dissertation, written by CWP Co-ordinator Bénite Dibateza, studies the extent to which policy learning as a parliamentary diplomacy activity to achieve gender equality is important for women parliamentarians engaged in the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians network.

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