67th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference
Commonwealth Parliamentarians with Disabilities

Capital Investment Fund 2024

About the Fund

The Commonwealth Parliamentarians with Disabilities (CPwD) Capital Investment Fund is a reserve of funding established by the CPA Secretariat in 2021 with the aim of raising the accessibility of CPA member Parliaments to persons with disabilities. The priorities for the Fund include but are not limited to, improving the physical accessibility of Parliaments or the procurement of assistive technology. 

Examples of initiatives:

• Installation of a ramp(s) with a low gradient, allowing a person to access a higher level in a building.

• Provision of transcription or sign language interpretation of live parliamentary proceedings.

• Enabling vocal commands, braille, and/or screen readers on computers, allowing persons with visual impairments to use them easily.

• Installation of automated doors, making entering a parliament building easier for persons with mobility impairments.

• The conversion of documentation into easy-to-read formats for people with sight impairments.

• Procurement of benches/resting areas in long corridors, allowing those who use crutches to rest.

• Widening of doorways, security barriers, and/or lifts for access to wheelchair users.

• Construction/development of restrooms for persons with disabilities.

• Improvement of access to a parliament’s website (e.g. text-to-speech features).

• Expansion/development of parking for persons with disabilities.

• Provision of hearing loops in meeting rooms to facilitate the participation of persons with hearing impairments.

These examples merely illustrate the type of proposals that will be considered. The proposals are then selected based on suitability and how far they contribute towards the aims and priorities of the Network in enabling the effective and full participation of persons with disabilities in representative democracy. Proposals for the fund to cover costs as part of a larger project involving other entities will be considered.

Case Studies

Learn more about initiatives the Fund has previously supported.

Case Study: Parliament of Jamaica

Changes to Gordon House's infrastructure for wheelchair users (including widened, automated doors and a new bathroom for wheelchair users).
Download the report

Case Study: The Isle of Man Tynwald

An accessibility audit, installation of a removable ramp to the chamber and a power-assisted door and lock to accessible bathrooms.
Read the blog
Fund structure and how to apply

For 2024, the Fund will be a total of 40,000 GBP, from which Branches may claim up to 10,000 GBP to support efforts within their institution toward improving its accessibility.


The Secretariat would like to note the following points about submissions to the Fund:

  • Tasks involved in a project may go into 2025, all funds supported by the Capital Investment Fund must be spent in 2024.
  • We expect that the necessary approvals required within the Parliament submitting the proposal will have been received by the time the project's implementation starts this year.
  • We will only accept bids submitted by the institution's central authority (the Clerk's Office/CPA Desk).
  • It is expected that, beyond incidental expenses that invoices can be provided for, costs incurred from the involvement of staff of the bidding Parliament will be borne by their Parliament salary.

To submit a bid for the CPwD network’s Capital Investment Fund in 2024, please complete the below form by Wednesday 13th December.

Application Form

Personal Details
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Proposal Details
Please include what needs the activity will address and how these needs were identified.
Further information on the objective of the Network can be found in its Strategic Plan (https://www.cpahq.org/media/mhzd5n1a/cpwd_strategicplan_2021-2024_final.pdf)
Outcomes: mid-term or long-term results that describe an accomplishment or change in action, knowledge, skill or condition within the Branch, as a result of the proposed activity.
Please kindly state the proposed methods of monitoring and evaluation that will be used (e.g. participant feedback forms, interviews, focus groups etc.).
(e.g. not receiving internal approvals for the project, costs going over the anticipated budget etc.). If so, how will they be mitigated?
(and identify their responsibilities)
We would like to be notified of any other levels of agreement required to start the project, as if these are not reached, we would want to reallocate the funding elsewhere.
Each cost will need to be detailed.
Please provide the following: Description, Local Cost (E.g. USD), Cost in GBP. You are welcome to describe multiple budgets if necessary. If more than one budget is provided, please also provide the following: Total Cost in GBP.
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